Review: Roy Orbitron

roy orbitron

Down in our state capital, a solo project called Roy Orbitron came out with a new album, Jeffrey Lynne, earlier this year. I was surprised by the masterful way his music was layered when I first listened; freaky keyboard and synth sounds mix with powerful guitar riffs, muted by fuzzy effects and pedals, with upbeat drumming and incoherent punk vocals and feedback. (Out of breath after reading that? Same.) Listen closely and you can pick out an organ or violin here and there. I was blown away by how unique each track was, particularly loving the Modest Mouse-style vocals in “Tomato”, the differing tempos and Beach Boys-esque backup vocals in “Jersey Sliz”, and the prominent violin in “The Use”.

Ironically, the man behind the magic’s name is neither Roy Orbitron nor Jeffrey Lynne. Conor Meara is a Trenton resident who writes all of his own songs and draws inspiration across genres— when asked where his unique sound comes from, he listed The Walkmen, Lou Reed, Al Green and Hank Williams, to name a few. All of Roy Orbitron’s albums are named after famous figures in the music business, his other two being George Harrison and Thomas Earl Petty (I admittedly had to google that before I realized it was Tom Petty’s full name). Meara is obviously very involved with all aspects of the music industry, something I have tons of respect for.

Jeffrey Lynne is currently selling on the Roy Orbitron’s BandCamp for $7. (Or $10 for the physical copy of the album, for those of you who are like me and have to physically own their music.) I suggest any indie fans check out his music and like Roy Orbitron on Facebook for any new music or tour updates.


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